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ExaWorks: Developing Robust and Scalable Next Generation Workflows, Applications, and Systems

ExaWorks is focused on enabling scientists to take advantage of these trends via a sustainable workflows SDK. This tutorial will present the ExaWorks SDK, and its constituent components: Flux, Parsl, RADICAL-Cybertools (RCT), and Swift/T. These components are widely used highly scalable tools for developing workflow applications. We will outline today’s most common workflow motifs on HPC platforms, illustrate science examples of these motifs, and discuss solutions using ExaWorks. 33% of our tutorial is dedicated to presentations from experts, and 67% to hands-on sessions. Attendees will gain practical knowledge to develop best workflow practices to manage large-scale campaigns on the largest supercomputers. At the end of the tutorial, they will be able to apply these tools and techniques to their advanced workflows with minimal programming effort.